Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the cast

Well in order to truly do this and not go completely broke we have tenents on the ship. Currently, there are five. Marcus, 35, our resident physicist; Crystal, 45, a former model/rockstar and grandmother to be; Richard, 21, labourer who works for the landlord's spray insulation business; Chris, 30ish, computer geek; and Peter, our newest tenent who makes wicked Vietnamese Hot Pot for us from time to time. The challenge is that they all live with Greig and I too.

We couldn't do this without them really. The tenents help pay for the moorage and the hydro, telephone, internet, satelllite TV and there a bit left over for actual supplies and building materials.

Marcus has been a god-send -especially lately, as he has put a great deal of sweat equity into stripping the green paint off the stack that sits in the middle of the Salon and now you can see the lovely mahogany underneath. We've some finishing work to do on it before we oil it but it is mostly done. I hope to get in there and help him finish it off. As soon as I find a round tuit. Photos to be posted soon.

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