Thursday, September 29, 2005

soggy wot!

It has finally started to rain like hell around here!

The new room is up and functional. Only about three or four leaks in that room. Crystal has a couple in her room as do we do in one corner. It is in an area where we happen share a wall so it is all in that spot. All in all things are improving and we still have lots of buckets out it isn't nearly as bad as last year or this spring. I think the fibreglassing days are over for a bit thou.

We've company in from Alberta and they are staying in that room. We have put up Tatami mats on the ceiling for a headliner. Figure that if any rain come in the water can get through it easily and that it can dry out relatively quickly too as it breaths. Plus its cheap at a buck a sheet - $15 to do a 10 x 12 room.

I am ok with living on a boat but I just feel the Bowie is just too big to manage. Wonder how much longer I can stand it. Too much personal drama with all these people and just the pace of work and the lifestyle is taking its toll -- despite how much I can look around and see things are getting better.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

if it isn't the people its the damn cats

Last year we were having a problem with rats and mice coming in the innumerable holes on the ship. I'd had enough one day when I had to kill a rat by whacking a stick across the back of its shoulders in our bedroom no less. They started calling me the Rat Slayer.I didn't want poision about and traps are a pain because no one was vigilant about setting them. The vermin were avoiding them and getting the bait anyway so, the responsiblity of a pet seemed less daunting. I was looking at the SPCA site and Buy and Sell for people giving away a (note singular) beast. "Honey," the kids have cats (note two) at their Grandmother's in Alberta (she raises and breeds Bengals)." A suggestion as this is as good as saying, "OK, arrange to have the cats come out, fine by me."

The border on feral really and they are sketchy as hell. We have had them for almost a year now. They don't like change and when something changes, Ariel, (mother to Zaboomafloo, male), makes her displeasure known by peeing or taking a crap somewhere. It is beyond rediculous actually. I had cats growing up and they were at least sociable let alone certainly didn't crap in the house. EVER. She has no compunction about taking a pee right in front of you.

Last night I started to clean up the excess foam insulation that we scraped off the evening before in a new room we are trying to rent. I walk in and it is rank with cat shit and pee. And over in the corner hidden under a pile of foam shards is a pile of cat poo. After sweeping up the room of foamy bits and scooping up the poo, I attacked it with Windex and then two bouts of Natures Miracle. Thankfully this morning it smells much better and as long as the door stays closed...

Now it turns out in Greig's mind that I "arbitrarily arranged to have Marion bring out the cats, really without his consent, and that setting traps was less hassel than the responsibility of pet ownership, and that he doesn't mind the smell so much." What short his memory is of Ariel peeing on HIS pillow after he shoved her face in a pile of her poo and covered her chin royally. She knew which pillow was his to pee on.

Its a wonder I am not more insane than I clearly am.

Its Ariel who does the destruction - as many of us witness it innumerable times. Think its time for her to go swimming or back to Grandma...In the meantime...its kitty valium in the kibble.

Monday, September 12, 2005

practical lessons

Greig's two kids, Bui, 12 and Dosha, 9, were down with us on the weekend. I was so tickled that I didn't have any cruises although Greig did. We are laying new plywood and glassing the upper deck above the salon. We didn't have enough plywood on hand to finish but it is pretty close.

I was so impressed as the kids worked really hard along with us using the crowbars and the cordless drill, sweeping and scraping. I figure these are all really practical life lessons as I know lots of adults who don't know how to use a drill. Getting them to do stuff frees Greig and I up to do other things plus teaches them how to solve problems on their own, team work and communication.

We got so much accomplished this weekend it was most impressive. I feel it most though in my backside. OYI! Played the kids out pretty good to.

We can see the fire burning in Burns Bog from the bow of the ship. Hopefully, they'll be able to get that under control soon.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


We have now got all the insulation done in the salon and the two portside upper level bedrooms. We are putting up mahogany door skins for panelling as this seems to be the cheapest and easiest thing plus the stuff looks so good. It is making a huge difference in the energy of the boat. It is getting its dignity back.

My clothes are hanging on a makeshift rope/curtain rod in the wheelhouse as we insulated our bedroom and had to tear it apart. The wheelhouse mind you has an exterior wall missing, thus dust from Allied Concrete is coating everything quite nicely. I have to get on making our closet and putting our room back together. I injured my foot and it is painful to stand or walk much on it and I have to get it looked at. The motivation to come home from work and build a closest isn't leaving me that jazzed.

I am grateful I don't live in the Gulf and I could be far, far, far worse off. We bitch about stuff that goes on every day but you only have to look at the devestation of Katrina and really assess what your priorities really are all about.

Friday, September 02, 2005

salmon run

The salmon are running again. I got home from yoga last night, feeling a wee bit sore and needing a soak in the hot tub. Armed with a glass of wine I stepped into the tub to hear a big "kaploosh". My first thought was that someone threw something from the upper deck but then there was more. Clearly a big fat salmon jumping about and doing that surface dancing they do. The river was glassy but for the odd distrubance by the salmon. Pretty neat all the same and its the things like that that I enjoy living this lifestyle.

We have had to throw Peter out. Stole Crystal's rent, pickpocketed Richard, and had been caught rifling through Marcus spare change in his bedroom. Zero tolerance on that one. So we turfed him out and Greig graciously dropped him off at his sister's home, only to discover that he ended up stealing his brother's car and his sister's purse. Nice type eh? I thought it was shitty enough stealing from people who already don't have anything but then stealing from family? People show you who they are.

Dealing with all this kind of crap makes finding the motivation to do work on the ship really difficult. It seems like Greig and I are parents to many of these people. I am weary of it as I work two jobs and I am not home to see all the stuff that goes on when we aren't there.

If it was only about fixing the Bowie that would be one thing, but it isn't. My friend Rod said I was the "eye" of the hurricane there. He may be right.