Wednesday, September 07, 2005


We have now got all the insulation done in the salon and the two portside upper level bedrooms. We are putting up mahogany door skins for panelling as this seems to be the cheapest and easiest thing plus the stuff looks so good. It is making a huge difference in the energy of the boat. It is getting its dignity back.

My clothes are hanging on a makeshift rope/curtain rod in the wheelhouse as we insulated our bedroom and had to tear it apart. The wheelhouse mind you has an exterior wall missing, thus dust from Allied Concrete is coating everything quite nicely. I have to get on making our closet and putting our room back together. I injured my foot and it is painful to stand or walk much on it and I have to get it looked at. The motivation to come home from work and build a closest isn't leaving me that jazzed.

I am grateful I don't live in the Gulf and I could be far, far, far worse off. We bitch about stuff that goes on every day but you only have to look at the devestation of Katrina and really assess what your priorities really are all about.

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