Monday, September 12, 2005

practical lessons

Greig's two kids, Bui, 12 and Dosha, 9, were down with us on the weekend. I was so tickled that I didn't have any cruises although Greig did. We are laying new plywood and glassing the upper deck above the salon. We didn't have enough plywood on hand to finish but it is pretty close.

I was so impressed as the kids worked really hard along with us using the crowbars and the cordless drill, sweeping and scraping. I figure these are all really practical life lessons as I know lots of adults who don't know how to use a drill. Getting them to do stuff frees Greig and I up to do other things plus teaches them how to solve problems on their own, team work and communication.

We got so much accomplished this weekend it was most impressive. I feel it most though in my backside. OYI! Played the kids out pretty good to.

We can see the fire burning in Burns Bog from the bow of the ship. Hopefully, they'll be able to get that under control soon.

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