Friday, September 02, 2005

salmon run

The salmon are running again. I got home from yoga last night, feeling a wee bit sore and needing a soak in the hot tub. Armed with a glass of wine I stepped into the tub to hear a big "kaploosh". My first thought was that someone threw something from the upper deck but then there was more. Clearly a big fat salmon jumping about and doing that surface dancing they do. The river was glassy but for the odd distrubance by the salmon. Pretty neat all the same and its the things like that that I enjoy living this lifestyle.

We have had to throw Peter out. Stole Crystal's rent, pickpocketed Richard, and had been caught rifling through Marcus spare change in his bedroom. Zero tolerance on that one. So we turfed him out and Greig graciously dropped him off at his sister's home, only to discover that he ended up stealing his brother's car and his sister's purse. Nice type eh? I thought it was shitty enough stealing from people who already don't have anything but then stealing from family? People show you who they are.

Dealing with all this kind of crap makes finding the motivation to do work on the ship really difficult. It seems like Greig and I are parents to many of these people. I am weary of it as I work two jobs and I am not home to see all the stuff that goes on when we aren't there.

If it was only about fixing the Bowie that would be one thing, but it isn't. My friend Rod said I was the "eye" of the hurricane there. He may be right.

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