Thursday, September 29, 2005

soggy wot!

It has finally started to rain like hell around here!

The new room is up and functional. Only about three or four leaks in that room. Crystal has a couple in her room as do we do in one corner. It is in an area where we happen share a wall so it is all in that spot. All in all things are improving and we still have lots of buckets out it isn't nearly as bad as last year or this spring. I think the fibreglassing days are over for a bit thou.

We've company in from Alberta and they are staying in that room. We have put up Tatami mats on the ceiling for a headliner. Figure that if any rain come in the water can get through it easily and that it can dry out relatively quickly too as it breaths. Plus its cheap at a buck a sheet - $15 to do a 10 x 12 room.

I am ok with living on a boat but I just feel the Bowie is just too big to manage. Wonder how much longer I can stand it. Too much personal drama with all these people and just the pace of work and the lifestyle is taking its toll -- despite how much I can look around and see things are getting better.

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