Thursday, October 20, 2005

bulkheads be damned

The new mission is opening up and cleaning up the lower deck from about mid-ships at the generator room, engine room, battery room and lazerette. To get that cleaned out and dried out is the our challenge for winter. He is going to remove the old boiler and pipes. We have to put in a new electrical panel as it serves the purpose of a war ship but a float home ? Not so much. (pic of the 371 Generator). This genny does run. Our 671 doesn't.

Greig cut through Marcus's old room to the generator room which gives another entry point into the engine room and aft to the stern. So he is keeping the kids busy whilst they are home from this teacher's strike in hauling out more junk out of all those rooms. He tells me the deck stringers are shot on the back deck so we have to replace those. Good thing he has the next few weeks off work.

It has been so quiet again and we have peace in our home again. Amazing how much that can motivate a person to getting stuff done. It is so nice to see stuff getting cleaned out and getting rid of extraneous crap. I am becoming more modernist as I get older...having and maintaining stuff is just too much work.
(Pic of old boiler unit that is going).

The idea is to move the/a furnace into where this boiler now sits and put in a central heating unit. Greig likes how my folks have a wood furnace in their house in Kaslo. They have wood and electric. But wood heat is just so much work and it is so dirty. In as much as we have wood floating by us all the time and logs are clogged up between us and the other boats here, one still has to haul it out of the water and cut it up, put it somewhere to dry, and have enough to last all winter.

Ah pioneering!

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