Monday, November 28, 2005

Multiple Choice Test for prescreening roommates

Do you, or have you had a history of mental illness?
A: Yes
B: No
C: I have no recollection

Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol?
A: Yes
B: No
C: I have no recollection

You stumble home drunk with a guest in tow at 2am. He is a Benecio Del Toro look alike, although much more fat, ugly, belligerent and inconsiderate. You let him wander about the ship on his own and where he makes it his business to wander into private rooms where people and guests are sleeping, bellowing, “THIS THING IS LISTING, IT’S GONNA SINK!”
A: You’d never be in a situation to let it happen in the first place
B: Apologize profusely for the behavior and escort him out
C: Make like the whole thing never happened and hope that no one will say anything.

When your birthday card which you thought was on the kitchen counter mysteriously gets moved up to the locked door outside your bedroom, your immediate reaction is:
A: Who was the *#@hole that moved my ONE AND ONLY birthday card? Well that is a “F*#! you if I ever saw it!”
B: Get into a screaming match and full blown temper-tantrum and accuse everyone of being insensitive because it is your birthday and that you are the “Queen of All That”
C: Ride it in stride as it is just a card. Be thankful it didn’t get wrecked from water running across the countertop as someone actually washed dishes for a change.

You consistently have trouble paying your rent. You tend to forget what time it is let alone what day of the month it is. You’ve bounced your rent check again and it is already close to the end of the month. Do you:
A. Apologize and remedy the situation immediatly
B. Say nothing and hope your roommates “just forget”
C. Call your roommate an “*#@hole” because he has finally had enough of holding your hand and enabling you for the past year and a half decides once and for all kick your butt out.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Its a wood a steam engine!

When your hot tub goes down and the spa pack is in for repairs, most people will wait the week while it is the shop.

Not to be dissuaded from using his hot tub for anymore than a couple of days, Mr. Inventor found another way to heat the tub. He took and an old auto propane tank, you know, as most people have one kicking around, put in a bunch of copper pipe and utilized the exisiting fuel in/outlets that were in place for water.

He t
hought, "Why have all that wood heat and not make hot water too and hot water for my hot tub?"
A $400 trip to Home Depot (is it always a $400 trip for you too?) and 14+ hours later, he has water circulating from the hot tub back into the woodstove where the fire heats the water and back into the tub again. It warms up much faster that with the spa pack actually. The only problem is TOO MUCH hot water.
"I'll make a steam room!!"

OK, great idea Honey, but plastic walls do not a s
teamroom make 'cos when you brush up against them, the water is COLD!! That and hose went crazy under pressure and came alive, kicked back and somehow burnt my hand...("That's because you didn't listen to me" he chirp. Certainly not because not because his design was at all flawed.) "I need to make a Steam Engine now --then we can get off the grid!" Sigh. God love him for having enough ambition to try. And it IS heating up the water in the hot tub quite nicely to boot!

He welded on fins (where the black lines are on the top photo) to increase the area and heat distribution. Outside with a bit of re-design he has put this assembly of valves and hoses together plus an steam overflow so should it get too hot and build up steam pressure, it has a place to go into a metal resevoir. God forbid anymore of my body parts get burned.

All in all to get one more piece of equipment that isn't dependent on shore power is a good thing.

Now if he can stop the smoke from billowing back out when you load the flippin' wood in, it'll be perfect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I took these images courtesy of Ken's digital camera before I left for work Tuesday morning. That big obstruction in the middle with the vent coming out in front of the middle is in fact a winch and just beside it is the hot tub which you can't see. The winch still is operational I believe but we haven't had a need to use it to tow any aircraft carriers yet.

Greig got the plywood on here Monday afternoon. We have to put on another layer of plywood and then glass it but we decided to wait and gather the materials and tackle it in the spring.

That said, my hopes for a "tarpless" winter are now dashed as this roof is not quite waterpoof. We have been using this area with the barbeque and the patio table as the prep area for firewood and Greig has now announced that all the firewood cutting can now take place on the dock instead of this weather deck as it is need of repair too. I arrived home to a new tarp over this "new" roof while we wait out the winter and the ability to pay for more materials.

As you can see it has lots of potential for a nice sitting space and it is a lovely place to hang out. Marcus has taken on gardening as a hobby in between his physics research. I am hoping that he'll start weeding and getting rid of the plants that actually dead though. I haven't had the heart to criticize and throw all the tired plants out, inasmuch as I'd like to. Frankly, he is doing more in that regard that I am and my priorities are elsewhere.

In the meantime we are, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, referring to this deck above as the Helipad. A huge amount of square footage he has just added but we needed to cover the old weatherdeck and get the Lazerette and the battery room dried out so we can repair the stern and transom.
Greig's industriousness never ceases to leave me surprised. Makes a girl proud.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Progress!! Really...

This is a photo of the Bowie taken in September of 2004. We had just replaced the salon wall (just above those holes in the hull). And we hadn't done the starboard side (other side of the ship). Here is all the scaffolding that we had covering the ship from bow to stern and our old bedroom is in the middle there on the very top. We had managed to slap some paint on the hull so it didn't look quite SO BAD...

This afternoon, I took a photo of the ship, SANS TARPS, and with the new structure in place. Really, I think there is a HUGE improvement.
The drapes are drawn on our bedroom windows unfortunately but at least you can pick'em out. You can see how even a year the paint didn't last long.

Now where the heck did I put that can of paint...

No More TARPS!

Greig is working on the Helipad today. I had started tackling trimming up the boards here in the picture. But with all the work involved with getting firewood I find it leaves my trigger hand - mainly the base of my thumb and wrist really sore.

So therein lies the remains of the last of the scaffolding to which we had all our tarps affixed. No more tarps! No more shall I listen to the flap, fwop, flap, fwop, pfffthhhflop, of the tarps! The sound of silence. Sigh. Sweet relief to see such progress.

Crystal stiffed us at the beginning of the month. Truth be told we saw it coming and figured it was more a matter of when instead of if. She had some story about being wierded out by Carmen (ooh the threat of another female perhaps?) and that Ken hit on her not once but THREE times. To which Ken has denied (and I believe him over her frankly) as Crystal has been so sketchy lately. That said, the DAMN CATS (see If it isn't the people it is the damn cats
have ceased fouling out of spite. GEEZ..could it be that maybe they just didn't like Crystal? Hmm...