Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I took these images courtesy of Ken's digital camera before I left for work Tuesday morning. That big obstruction in the middle with the vent coming out in front of the middle is in fact a winch and just beside it is the hot tub which you can't see. The winch still is operational I believe but we haven't had a need to use it to tow any aircraft carriers yet.

Greig got the plywood on here Monday afternoon. We have to put on another layer of plywood and then glass it but we decided to wait and gather the materials and tackle it in the spring.

That said, my hopes for a "tarpless" winter are now dashed as this roof is not quite waterpoof. We have been using this area with the barbeque and the patio table as the prep area for firewood and Greig has now announced that all the firewood cutting can now take place on the dock instead of this weather deck as it is need of repair too. I arrived home to a new tarp over this "new" roof while we wait out the winter and the ability to pay for more materials.

As you can see it has lots of potential for a nice sitting space and it is a lovely place to hang out. Marcus has taken on gardening as a hobby in between his physics research. I am hoping that he'll start weeding and getting rid of the plants that actually dead though. I haven't had the heart to criticize and throw all the tired plants out, inasmuch as I'd like to. Frankly, he is doing more in that regard that I am and my priorities are elsewhere.

In the meantime we are, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, referring to this deck above as the Helipad. A huge amount of square footage he has just added but we needed to cover the old weatherdeck and get the Lazerette and the battery room dried out so we can repair the stern and transom.
Greig's industriousness never ceases to leave me surprised. Makes a girl proud.

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LaurieD said...

Way to go Tana!
Can't wait to see it in person some day.....