Sunday, November 13, 2005

No More TARPS!

Greig is working on the Helipad today. I had started tackling trimming up the boards here in the picture. But with all the work involved with getting firewood I find it leaves my trigger hand - mainly the base of my thumb and wrist really sore.

So therein lies the remains of the last of the scaffolding to which we had all our tarps affixed. No more tarps! No more shall I listen to the flap, fwop, flap, fwop, pfffthhhflop, of the tarps! The sound of silence. Sigh. Sweet relief to see such progress.

Crystal stiffed us at the beginning of the month. Truth be told we saw it coming and figured it was more a matter of when instead of if. She had some story about being wierded out by Carmen (ooh the threat of another female perhaps?) and that Ken hit on her not once but THREE times. To which Ken has denied (and I believe him over her frankly) as Crystal has been so sketchy lately. That said, the DAMN CATS (see If it isn't the people it is the damn cats
have ceased fouling out of spite. GEEZ..could it be that maybe they just didn't like Crystal? Hmm...

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