Thursday, December 01, 2005

I heard a scritchy-scratching...

whilst I was putting on my warpaint this morning. I walked into the galley to investigate and I heard it behind the fridge. My rat-bat wasn't in it's spot over by the stove..."Oh but there is that a chunk of metal pipe outside".

I grabbed it to wedged the pipe behind the fridge to pull the fridge away from the wall. I think nothing of my murderous intent toward this beast.

"Lookit ya little bugger - ya can't scale those pipes. Grunt, Grrr!" I jammed the pipe onto the top of his head and he zipped back into the fridge motor. "Little shit...I'm gonna git-choo."

So I went around to the left side and pryed it out there as the fridge is wedged in between the counter and set of shelves for the "pantry." So the little rotter tried to scale the pipes again and I zipped around to the right of the fridge to smack him down again. Then he zipped out and across the galley.

Foiled Again!

I went into Chris's room to see where he was hiding --Chris wasn't home thank goodness...and the rotter zipped back under the fridge, scaled the wall, over some power cords and up the big ventalation fan in the corner. "ARRGh! I'll get you yet RAT! Stupid freakin' fan!"

And of course where were the cats? Still sleeping. I said, "Go get the rat!" Their ears perked for a moment and then they yawned, considered the idea for a moment and but clearly thought that not the best action. "Whatever...your not the boss of me. Be off with you." I know that is exactly what they were thinking.


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