Monday, December 05, 2005


"Out with the old and in with the new," as the saying goes.

Crystal finally came to get her stuff. As a consolation she has given us her beautiful doors that she has packed around with her for years. She just has no use for them now and I know she feels bad about the way things went down last month. The woman doesn't have much and since she is on a disability and there was little I think she felt she could do to remedy the situation. The gesture meant a lot. I do miss her. She was great with the kids and they liked her very much.

We have moved Chris's stuff out of his room into a corner by the back door, in the hopes that he will be back for his stuff. A gentleman named Ted has taken up his space. He's in his mid-50's with five grown children, most of whom live back in Ontario. Has one son in Afganistan at the moment. Works as a constrution site safety/industrial first aid attendant. He apparently has a "connection" at Cantabury Coffee to supply us with the "good stuff". What no President's Choice floor sweepings? But it's only 5.99/can...

And up on the Promenade deck where our room is, the spare room on the Starboard side is now occupied by Steve, 29. A Nova Scotian he has just started a job in Pest Control. "I suprisingly like it as it is not unlike gardening/landscaping really."

Sweet Hallelujah! Methinks this is serendipity in my battle against the rat(s).

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