Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the silly season

At least this is what my brother calls the Christmas season and I have to agree.

Right now it is kinda crazy. We are working full on these days at our jobs and now progress on renovations is halted a bit as we just try and keep ahead of the pile of firewood. Not much in the ways of days off until the 23rd or so.

I got our first Christmas card of the season. Thanks to my Aunt Irene for the card. I had an idea I'd get Greig, the kids and I up on the bow of the ship, hang a big fat wreath off of it and send it around. Yah, you don't see it do you?

People have given up on sending me cards as I just don't have the time to send them out to anyone anymore. It is one of those I miss having the opportunity to do. I have the cards squirreled away somewhere....

No real plans for Christmas so far as it's Nell's turn to have the kids this year.

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