Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a new cast of characters

I was looking over the postings from August. So much has changed in the past six months. We finally have gotten rid of some bad tenents who were so disruptive.

We still have Marcus aka "the Video Troll up in the Bow". He has been hibernating this winter with World of Warcraft. But now that he is finally at level 57 we should be seeing him again soon.

In early October Crystal and Richard finally left and Mr Ken Smith moved in. (NOT to be confused with the Ken Smith who owned this boat up on Harrison Lake - wild coincidence but eerily true!).

Ken is a handyman, early 40s. a godsend as far as I am concerned. He replaced my bathroom taps with a single mixer type. We had the original spring loaded types that whenever the water pressure dropped in the compound we would leak hot water in a steady stream. He puts up hooks here and fixes things there. There is just so much that having another body to putter at the stuff is so wonderful.

Steve from Antigonish, NS moved in early December to the upstairs room on the starboard side. He a more youthful version of Steven Colbert from the Daily Show/Colbert Report, with that Maritime outdoorsy streak. Unbelievably mellow and a fabulous cook, he has been a refreshing change from Crazy Richard. Works in pest control - lucky for us! He tells me this evening however, he has just given notice so he is looking for a new career. Has a conscience about the prices pest control people charge for te work they do (Please god...let Steve stay awhile longer!) He will often come home and say to Greig, "So what are we doing tonight?" All after a long day of dealing with vermin.

Greg 2: Greg works construction on leaky condos. He is a handsome snowboarder, blonde beach boy type -- one I could see hooking up with my friend Monique if she didn't live in freakin' Ontario! I have no idea why this gentleman is single. He says it is because his girlfriends are traditionally insane. He has a 15 year old son who lives in Langley most of the time with his mum. Greg 2 is neat and organized (BONUS!). I like him and hope he stays awhile.

Carmen is still here but keeps to herself alot. That is ok too...she certainly doesn't get in other people's faces like others have before her.

I must say thought it took us a couple of months to wind down from the drama. I think we have a nice batch of people who are "normal". The cats aren't fouling like they used to. The energy is just so different.

Just like it is supposed to be! Finally.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

bad blogger

Ok I have been a bad blogger. It think it is because it is so dark when I get home that pictures look so dark so I don't want to post them.

I have heard from a lovely lady in Texas who's dad served as the radioman on this vessel during WW2. I have to post all the pictures she so kindly sent to me.

The other thing is I have set up a temporary sewing room and so any moment I have remotely to myself I putter in there...

How is it that people manage to get bored in this world?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My christmas present

I wanted a watch, but Greig thought I said yacht and so he got me one. Apparently he was confused. Yacht, watch..easy mistake


This is the Sea Ferring. It is a ferrous cement hulled and converted fish packer. It is 63 feet and the wheelhouse at the back has the galley and the bathroom. We need to replace the roof which and we have to do that this spring/summer.

The skylite is just at about mid-ships and there are serveral windows just to the right of that all around that bump up. This lights up paneled salon below with lots of natural ligh. The only real disadvantage is the inability to look out at the water from down in there.

The space up in bow it is currently empty. One could put in a cuddy but because it is so narrow the bed would be quite elevated.

Well we can't afford real estate in this town since the prices are so rediculous but boats...no problem. Greig had it rented out within a couple of days. What an entrepreneur!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Sometimes I am not so Martha

"Hi Honey, sorry to wake you but I have a problem. My front tire is flat and I am stuck up here in the middle of the Knight St. Bridge off to the side," I said pleading to Greig this morning.

"Ok, can you drive it." he sleepily gurgled.

"Well the tire is flat I am afraid of damaging the rim, although I may have already. "

"Just go really slow with your hazards on and pull off somewhere when you feel it is safe to. I'll go deal with it later."

"OK! I just take the bus and pull it off on the road down to Northern Building Supply."

So off to work I go...feeling sheepish.

Two and a half hours later....

"Ok. I am heading over there. Do you have a spare?" he asks me.

"I dunno. There is a jack."

"What do you mean you don't know? Do you have a tire iron?"

"Mmm...I think so -- not too sure."

"Are you seriously telling me that you don't know if you have a spare or not? I thought your ad said you came with tools?" , refering to our respective on-line dating ads.

"No I said "I was handy" -- with wood." I retorted.

"But everybody has a car, " he said, "I can't belive you don't know if you even have a spare. You could have changed it yourself. You are totally slipping Honey. Now I have no idea what I am getting into."

"Umm, like, I never, ever owned a car until I met you. So take the tools you need" All along in my brain I am thinking...Well you insisted I get this ride because it was supposedly safer for to transport your kids...Don't you know?!

Big sigh on the other end of the phone.

But he is the one who is so mechanically handy, and he has the PENIS...The vehicles are his domain. How is it he so keen to be the hero everywhere else but now with me...eeehhh...not so much.