Thursday, February 16, 2006

My christmas present

I wanted a watch, but Greig thought I said yacht and so he got me one. Apparently he was confused. Yacht, watch..easy mistake


This is the Sea Ferring. It is a ferrous cement hulled and converted fish packer. It is 63 feet and the wheelhouse at the back has the galley and the bathroom. We need to replace the roof which and we have to do that this spring/summer.

The skylite is just at about mid-ships and there are serveral windows just to the right of that all around that bump up. This lights up paneled salon below with lots of natural ligh. The only real disadvantage is the inability to look out at the water from down in there.

The space up in bow it is currently empty. One could put in a cuddy but because it is so narrow the bed would be quite elevated.

Well we can't afford real estate in this town since the prices are so rediculous but problem. Greig had it rented out within a couple of days. What an entrepreneur!

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LaurieD said...

Maybe it's your birthday present? Happy birthday!!!!