Friday, February 03, 2006

Sometimes I am not so Martha

"Hi Honey, sorry to wake you but I have a problem. My front tire is flat and I am stuck up here in the middle of the Knight St. Bridge off to the side," I said pleading to Greig this morning.

"Ok, can you drive it." he sleepily gurgled.

"Well the tire is flat I am afraid of damaging the rim, although I may have already. "

"Just go really slow with your hazards on and pull off somewhere when you feel it is safe to. I'll go deal with it later."

"OK! I just take the bus and pull it off on the road down to Northern Building Supply."

So off to work I go...feeling sheepish.

Two and a half hours later....

"Ok. I am heading over there. Do you have a spare?" he asks me.

"I dunno. There is a jack."

"What do you mean you don't know? Do you have a tire iron?"

"Mmm...I think so -- not too sure."

"Are you seriously telling me that you don't know if you have a spare or not? I thought your ad said you came with tools?" , refering to our respective on-line dating ads.

"No I said "I was handy" -- with wood." I retorted.

"But everybody has a car, " he said, "I can't belive you don't know if you even have a spare. You could have changed it yourself. You are totally slipping Honey. Now I have no idea what I am getting into."

"Umm, like, I never, ever owned a car until I met you. So take the tools you need" All along in my brain I am thinking...Well you insisted I get this ride because it was supposedly safer for to transport your kids...Don't you know?!

Big sigh on the other end of the phone.

But he is the one who is so mechanically handy, and he has the PENIS...The vehicles are his domain. How is it he so keen to be the hero everywhere else but now with me...eeehhh...not so much.


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