Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Meet Harvey Patterson, Radioman 3rd Class, Petty Officer 3rd class. Assigned to PCS 1405 for 14 months in 1945-1946. He was 19 when he came aboard in Miami, Florida.

The "05" as the crew called it, mainly patrolled the Pacific and the ship never saw any real combat. Apparently they travelled as far south as Santiago, Chile.

Harvey, now 83, lives in Texas and is quite ill with Parkinsons so communication isn't easy for him. His daughter Linda found our web site and sent me an email and generously copied some old pictures and marked the back sides for me, with as much detail as she could get from Harvey.

I can't imagine there are many more crewmen from the "05" still around. But you never know!

We are extremely touched and honoured by having these photos and are really thankful to Linda and Harvey for sharing these with us.

Left: PCS 1405 as it is travelling through the Panama Canal, 1945.