Monday, April 03, 2006

spring forward

Here is another photo courtesy of Linda from her Dad's personal photos. Here is the Bowie (PCS 1405) docked in Honolulu. Note the big gun up on the bow. It is the only photo I have ever seen of it with the gun still in place. When you stand beneath inside you can see where it would have sat given the configuration of the roof stringers.

I went on a flury of photography yesterday. I blasted of three rolls of film. I will be posting more progress pictures as I slowly get my act together on it!

I started to strip one of the cabin doors on the weekend. We have an open room at the moment so I am able to spread out the door on a set of saw horses and putter at it. I took a heat gun to the major layers (7) and working with chemical stripper on the last layer. The door appears to be mahogany. The other challenge will be in getting all the paint off the louvered insert. It will look beautiful when it is done though!


Life Aboard said...

Wow, that is some project! It will be beautiful in the end, no doubt. We live aboard our 30' sailboat in Toronto and thought we had work to do on our little boat, but you're boat is huge!

Tim Zim said...

Still with you!