Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yea!! Another year of flight school!

The barn swallows are back! It seems we are all in agreement with how much joy we get upon their arrival. They are great at dive-bombing us if we happen upon their space on the breezeway or up on the upper deck. Over time, they seem to become accustomed to us and realize we are relatively harmless.

They are such a joy to watch and they usually have at least two sets of babies (4 each) over the summer season and often we have at minimum 20 birds chirping and dodging about.

The cats will sit at the window and chirp along with them. We do as much as we can to keep the cats from them but cats will be cats.

And to think they fly as far south as South America, is really amazing.

Above is the 2004 Graduating class of Mud Swallow Flight school.


Tim Zim said...

There is something special about having 'wild' birds for company.

Rodeo Princess said...

ME TOO ME TOO! I love our colony of barn swallows - I wish I had the money, wouldn't it be cool to see if your birds and my birds are related? www.domesticepisodes.blogspot.com, April 28, 2010