Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i wanna paint

Oh it would be so nice to paint. Now that we have docks spanning the length of both sides of the ship, really the only thing I have to do is get out there with a scraper and pick away at it all.

I had started pulling staples from the walls and scraping off the paint from the wheelhouse. I have some patching to do up in the eves there. I don't know what that would be called on a boat so I call it the eves like on a house. Problem is I'd also like to paint the new undersection of the roof there too. We need to insulate the wheelhouse a bit better as there is a heck of a draft that comes from there we notice. You can also see where the heat from inside the boat meets with the cold outer air as underneath it is already looking black with mildew.

It would be nice to find a spot and just focus on it to finish it but alas that just seems such an impossible task. I start to look for a tool and then something distracts me from that and I end up doing something completely separate from what I had originally focused on. Then next thing I know an hour or two has passed and there is still that thing I had already started on up there waiting for me...

So much to do before we can even thing of making it pretty.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Alex Fraser Bridge

Here are some more photos from our river trip last week. Pictured first is the Mighty Alex Fraser Bridge - often subject to clogging during rush hour traffic down here in the lower mainland.

Mum wanted me to take lots of pics so I saw an opportunity to take some other funky shots on closer approach.

I think some will look good in Black and white, all framed up with a wide mat around them. Greig took the one below with the Malacite in the foreground.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

pity pizza?

(as retold here with a bit of creative license...)

Mat, one of our new tenants, ordered a pizza from Hometown Pizza.

Upon delivery and wanting to give a tip to the Pizza Guy, Mat found himself arguing with the Pizza guy when Mat tried to give him a tip.

Pizza Guy: "No, you don't need to tip me. I can't take it"

Mat: "No please, it is only five bucks!"

Pizza Guy: "It is OK. I know how hard you guys are working down there. "

Mat: "Whaa....? No please, I insist."

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thursday, May 11, 2006


My parents have come down from Kaslo, BC for a long overdue visit and inspection of our progress. They arrived Tuesday evening.

Greig had to work on towing a boat house for his employer Ken, from Ladner up to Ken's marina in New Westminster. They used one of Accent's yachts, the Malacite to do the towing. (The Malacite is an converted Canadian Navy crash boat). Greig though it would be nice to take Mum and Dad out on a river tour. So they picked us up on the Bowie at about 9:30am and we spent the day on the river.

What a treat. Neither Greig and I have been down the main arm of the Fraser by boat. We all got to see perspectives from the river we'd never seen and a beautiful day to do it. Lots of bald and golden eagles, seals, beavers, geese, swans and other shore birds. Watched a pair of Canada Geese twice defending their babies from a maurading Golden eagle.

Although I didn't count them all, there must be at least 100 floathomes here of all shapes and sizes. Mum and Dad even commented on selling their home and property back in Kaslo to get into one of these because it is so lovely. That and the idea of me living on these seems to be a bit more comforting to them because I wouldn't have to work so damn hard!!

We towed the boathouse up into the Annacis Channel. In order to make it under some of the bridges here, Greig had to scramble up to take off the mast of the Malacite. Mum was quite tickled with swing bridges and by the time we delivered the boathouse and journeyed back to the Malacite's slip it was 8pm.

I forgot to take sunscreen and burnt my cheeks. Dummy.

electrifying progress

We have finally managed to update the wiring from the old and dodgy fuse system. Yay BREAKERS!!!

We had a couple of instances of rooms and outlets going down and we just couldn't trust the old fuse system. We couldn't trace it so if Greig wasn't around no one knew what fuse to replace. Plus at $6 per fuse it was getting expensive.

So we have rewired the ship and all the rooms to this new panel and have transferred the heating of the hot tub off the woodstove back onto shore power.

Now it is a whole lot less confusing.