Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It is a smell like none other

We had another one. Another rat. I was sitting at the computer and I saw a scurrying out of the corner of my eye as he ran across the galley floor.

I got up to investigate and saw his long-tailed hiney half across the bottom of the shelf next to the sink. I realized I had nothing to strike him with except this stiff broom which happened to be on the opposite side of the counter. I quietly walked back to get it. It has a lovely long handle and a very stiff scrubby broom attachment.

I crept back around trying not to make too much noise and hadn't moved.

Extending the broom up I whacked him across the hind quarters and he scurried into the cupboard and into a slot in the paneling on the wall.

"ARRGH! I'll get you yet rat!"

That was Sunday evening.

Yesterday there was this smell. Sydney, Troy's blue healer was present at the time of my assult on the rat had been going over to that area and indicating that something was there. She has been trying to let me know that the rat was still there and I couldn't catch her subtle ways of communicating. Until it started smelling did I know for sure that I had in fact, killed it. Must have ruptured something inside it I guess.

Last night, as the smell is getting worse, armed with a hammer, prybar and a flash light I started to try and take apart the wall. I was able to pry the plywood paneling out enough to shine the flash light in to see its furry body therein. Tim assisted with shining another flashlight on the subject. So armed with the fire poker I pulled out his rotting, maggot-infested carcass and threw him in the river.

Tim and Steve thankfully took over and sprayed the area with Raid and cleaned up all the rest of it with bleach.

"E-yuk," exclaimed Dosha with a shiver "That is the second one you have got Tana! That was really gross."

Rat Slayer 2, Rats 0.

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Tim Zim said...

Hi Bowiechick

Maybe you could get a snake!