Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Deadheads (not to be confused with the Band)

On the river you have to be on the look out for everything coming at you. Much can depend on the current but chiefly, it is the dead heads and logs we have to be on the look out for. The current fluctuates depending upon how the tide is running and it can get really ripping.

Only a few weeks ago another deadhead had got caught up in the waterhose of the Sea Ferring underneath the Pacific Express. Sometimes these devils are a bit tricky to maneouver out of the way. That one had four or five of us on it. We loosened off the lines on the Sea Ferring, untangled it from the garden hose and managed pushed it out of the way with the pike pole.

On Monday, we caught a deadhead, stuck in between the stern of the Bowie and the starboard dock. It was sitting at an angle submerged underwater.This one was about 2 feet in diameter and by the way it was sitting it was anyone's guess as to how long it really was. It also could have worked its way under the dock and somehow done damage to the two other boats behind us, the Sea Ferring, (60') and the Pacific Express (110').

The boys worked together to pull it out of the way with the come-along and the chain saw and gradually pulled it up in chunks. In the end it was about 35-40 feet in length. It could have caused a tremendous amount of trouble if it got caught up underneath the Bowie in the drive gear. Our chain saw isn't the most powerful saw out their either so it was a bit slow going for them.

At anyrate, there is a good amount we can add to the wood pile for winter.

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