Sunday, July 09, 2006

Satisfaction not always guaranteed

I can't not be just a bit circumspect about the people that happen to come in and out of our lives because of this venture. Sometimes you hope to help others. Sometimes you just enable whatever previously bad habit they came with. Sometimes we get help. Either way, good or bad I learn something from everyone.

Today, I had help. Though I was dog-tired from a late night shift working on the Eloquent, I can't just sit and let a mess be. When I have a opportunity to tackle something I just can't sit back and ignore it. This is to my peril mind you - I don't allow myself much rest because of it.

We--Steve, Troy, Marcus and I moved another irresponsible roommates things from his room and made way for some dry firewood. So Marcus just got rid of one person's pile of crap, only to make room for another person's pile of crap. But, there is a clean and tidy space downstairs! Some firewood got cleaned up from the docks as well as the stern deck got cleaned up a bit and begun some stockpiling of dry firewood for winter already. YEA!!

Greig gets irritated at me because it seems like I am not having much fun. Well how much fun is it constantly cleaning up someone else's mess? Ya, I am sure you'd agree not so much too.

This I have found. Inasmuch as there are many projects I would like to start/finish/complete. Sometimes just cleaning one mess is a catalyst for some other thing to completed. And that isn't always completed by me, much to my chagrin. It would be great if I could just be content at that. Sometimes I think I should just resign myself to the fact that the best tool at hand is the broom and dustpan.

I need to learn how to delegate better.

Now where in the heck have they (dustpan and broom) disappeared to now..."ARRGGHH! Marcus!!! Where did you put the broom and dustpan now?"

"Its over by the hammer."

"And where is that?"

"You, know, it's in its spot."


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Tim Zim said...

I have found it handy to have more than one dustpan and brush!