Thursday, July 13, 2006

Target practice

The collosal stupidy of some continues to amaze me.

Across the river from us are a bunch of condos. Between the buildings is a small patch of lawn. Anyhow there is a lady who likes to use us for target practice as she improves her golf swing. She is pretty good as she has hit both the Bowie and the Sea Ferring a couple of times in the last month or so. There will be people sitting outside on the back deck and she is virtually aiming right for them. I don't think she is any spring chicken either so you'd think she'd have half a brain and would know better but apparently not.

The boys have yelled across the river at her to get her to stop but she won't. I guess Greig yelled at her yesterday and one of our roommates was leaving to go somewhere whilst this was going on. I guess our roommate ended up on the other side and confronted her to get her to stop. I can only imagine what he said as he can be quite confrontational. Apparently rattled her cage enough for her to call the Police on us!

In the meantime, a bunch of us had gone out to see An Inconvenient Truth. When we came back, one of the roommates was out on the back deck eating dinner and a couple of Vancouver's finest had showed up as she filed a complaint! At anyrate, they were just following up and agreed that she was a bit nuts.

Will she continue? It seems quite probable.

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