Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We are worried about Ariel

Here is Ariel, our bengal cat sitting on the winch on the stern deck last October 2005. These days, she is looking much skinnier.

Zaboomafloo, her son, or Zaboo as he goes by went missing a couple of weeks back. Think it must be a month now. We don't know what happened. I think he got picked up by a coyote or an Eagle. Or he could have just fallen in the river and met his Waterloo.

She is a different cat these days. We think she is depressed. Bui and I took her to the vet for her shots and the vet gave me a worm pill, though neither Steve and I have seen any worms and with the weight loss, well, we're both on the look out for them. So we are all trying to help her in this greif. Perhaps we need to say a mass for Zaboo. I guess it is the Catholic in me coming out I guess - something about ceremony and greif go hand in hand perhaps. We'll have to come up with something: Saint Francis a la Bengal cat.

Not generally a lap cat, she HATES being picked up. But that is changing too. She conceeds to being picked up more. She yells alot and only shuts up when she gets some attention. Before you'd stoop to pet her and she'd make a point of just being out of reach so YOU had to stretch to stroke her. She is tolerating Sidney the dog only because Sidney is the only other beast of her kind around. Now Sidney is going...

Of course Bui just thinks we should get another cat to keep Ariel company. His father and I disagree with him naturally.

And why is it the darn cat can loose weight and not me? It just ain't right.

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