Tuesday, August 29, 2006

pieces of summer

In the four years or so that Greig and I have been together, it is kind of a wee mission of mine of have some kind of quintessential summer photo of the kids.

Here is one from one of my favorite spots on earth. There is this wee trail up behind the house from my parents. A group put this in about 10 years back and it is a 20 minute hike up to this lovely viewpoint overlooking Kaslo. I used to hike it a couple of times a week as it is such a great morning workout.

So here is the view from that spot. Dosha was a trooper. Sideaches kept plaguing her most of the way up and down.

This is the view from the spot of the Village of Kaslo, BC and of Kootenay Lake. There Lots of smoke in the air from forest fires.

It is a pretty cold
lake that doesn't warm up much for swimming though my friends Bub and Steph kindly had us out on their boat for some tubin' fun.

It's where my spirit roams.

Monday, August 28, 2006

HMCS Calgary

As tiring as it is to be working a full-time and a part-time job, working on the charter boats is really the only time I actually get to meet new people.

We were pleased to have Commander Kelly Larkin CD, SSM, of the HMCS Calgary on board the Eloquent to attend as MC to the wedding of his friends Rob and Neela.

So if it is back again at Canada Place, we'll take Kelly up on his offer of a tour. Nice to know our troops are in the care of such nice human being.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stylin in their new uniforms

Occasionally, Greig is able to take the kids to work
with him on the Eloquent. And one of the best ways to ensure they can come more often is to deck them out in some uniforms and make them crew. So off to Claymore Clothes to outfit them. They were so excited at the prospect of putting on the uniform and going to work that they asked Greig when they could go out again next with him.

Last week there was a charter with Scott from Blue Eyed Charters to Bowen Island so they went along. Turns our Scott and Greig really needed them so they actually HAD to work.

"My feet hurt," whined Bui.

"Its my legs that are so tired," said Dosha, "and guess what? I made some new friends!"

The uniforms -- they were a total hit and they each made
$20 bucks in tips. Welcome to working for a living kids. There is more to come.

Top photo: Miss Dosha
Middle: Bui
Bottom pic: Bui, Greig and Dosha on the Bowen Island wharf

Monday, August 14, 2006

How to golf on water and not loose your balls

Swinging away on the left is Matt and his caddy, Mark

Inspired by the Golf Lady across the river, the boys decided to try their hands at hitting a few across the water.

But they kept losing their balls...

Not to be out done by this small detail, they decided to affix the ball to the end of a fishing line so that they can reel the ball back in after every shot.

It is a pretty good system by all accounts I hear. They only lose the occasional ball apparently.

Pleased as punch with his ingenuity, Robert, left is pictured with ball and rod in hand.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

unbelievable gifts

In less than 48 hours we received two amazing gifts.

The first was the return of Troy and Sidney.

The second gift was the pickup load and a half of hardwood and laminate flooring courtesy of Mr. Garlick and it is his insistence that we use as much as we can all over the ship. He works at a hardwood flooring warehouse and they were clearing out broken and mixed packages from their inventory. There is a lot. A WHOLE lot. Bamboo, oak, walnut maple, engineered, thin, thick, light dark.

It is going to be a bit of a puzzle to sort out what can go where and will we have enough for one room etc. So I guess we'll tackle the bedrooms first. They will all be different. It will all be much more easy to maintain too as the existing floors are in various states of deterioration.

Needless to say we're quite floored.

A man and his dog

The last week in July, before I left for Kaslo was a bit of a melancholy week. Troy and his pooch Sidney left for Alberta. We were all sad to see him go, "You're always welcome here. If you ever want to come back we'll boot someone out you," I told him with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

So off he went to the oil patch, mumbling about derricks and helicopters.

Oh to my surpise to come home from a very long drive from the interior to see his shiny truck. Apparently arrived at 3am that morning, scaled the fence.

This time, Greig said, he had been mumbling about pipe wrenches and rednecks.

Welcome home Troy and Miss Sidney. Happy day indeed.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another wooden ship

Kaslo, BC, my home town, is home to the SS Moyie, the oldest sternwheeler in the World.

I had promised Greig that I would take the kids to see it again.

From the Kootenay Lake Historical Socity's website:
"When the Moyie was retired in 1957, after a 59-year career with the Canadian Pacific Railway's BC Lake and River Service, she was the last operating passenger sternwheeler in Canada. She is in a surprisingly complete state for a vessel with such a long service record.

The Moyie was ordered originally by the CPR for a planned "All Canadian Route" to the Klondike. When the bill authorizing the essential railway link failed to pass the Canadian Senate in 1898, the CPR began to dispose of its fleet of vessels, and the Moyie was shipped by rail to Nelson for service on Kootenay Lake."

A very dedicated group of volunteers have worked tirelessly in restoring this vessel and they have done a beautiful job. It is a nice draw for this small community and we are all quite proud of the volunteers and the SS Moyie.

I specifically got a bit of a kick from reading The Shipbuilder's Act signage. It is really not unlike the way Greig tackles things. Oh, except that bit about the " no power tools" and that "carefully cut" business is all just a wee bit discretionary at this point. (Have sawzall will travel.) I will post more photos when Mum comes home from camping and burns that disk that I completely forgot to do. In the meantime, here are some lovely interior shots.

(Would ya mind doing that for me Mum?)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The kids and I managed to get out of Vancouver for a few days for a much needed break back to Kaslo. I hadn't been home in a year and a half so I was dying to get some downtime in the Kootenays.

On Sunday however, they had a big windstorm here which caused the old "Swing tree" to crash down on the power, cable and telephone lines. So the phone was the last to come up this afternoon.

Voila! Internet and telephone finally. My cell doesn't work so well here unfortunately (or fortunately).

In the wreckage, Dad found a salamander for the kids. Here it is pictured and quite friendly really. That is until they took him down to the garden and it jumped into the carrot patch.

I much suspect there should be some good eatin' in there for him!