Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another wooden ship

Kaslo, BC, my home town, is home to the SS Moyie, the oldest sternwheeler in the World.

I had promised Greig that I would take the kids to see it again.

From the Kootenay Lake Historical Socity's website:
"When the Moyie was retired in 1957, after a 59-year career with the Canadian Pacific Railway's BC Lake and River Service, she was the last operating passenger sternwheeler in Canada. She is in a surprisingly complete state for a vessel with such a long service record.

The Moyie was ordered originally by the CPR for a planned "All Canadian Route" to the Klondike. When the bill authorizing the essential railway link failed to pass the Canadian Senate in 1898, the CPR began to dispose of its fleet of vessels, and the Moyie was shipped by rail to Nelson for service on Kootenay Lake."

A very dedicated group of volunteers have worked tirelessly in restoring this vessel and they have done a beautiful job. It is a nice draw for this small community and we are all quite proud of the volunteers and the SS Moyie.

I specifically got a bit of a kick from reading The Shipbuilder's Act signage. It is really not unlike the way Greig tackles things. Oh, except that bit about the " no power tools" and that "carefully cut" business is all just a wee bit discretionary at this point. (Have sawzall will travel.) I will post more photos when Mum comes home from camping and burns that disk that I completely forgot to do. In the meantime, here are some lovely interior shots.

(Would ya mind doing that for me Mum?)

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