Tuesday, August 29, 2006

pieces of summer

In the four years or so that Greig and I have been together, it is kind of a wee mission of mine of have some kind of quintessential summer photo of the kids.

Here is one from one of my favorite spots on earth. There is this wee trail up behind the house from my parents. A group put this in about 10 years back and it is a 20 minute hike up to this lovely viewpoint overlooking Kaslo. I used to hike it a couple of times a week as it is such a great morning workout.

So here is the view from that spot. Dosha was a trooper. Sideaches kept plaguing her most of the way up and down.

This is the view from the spot of the Village of Kaslo, BC and of Kootenay Lake. There Lots of smoke in the air from forest fires.

It is a pretty cold
lake that doesn't warm up much for swimming though my friends Bub and Steph kindly had us out on their boat for some tubin' fun.

It's where my spirit roams.

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