Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stylin in their new uniforms

Occasionally, Greig is able to take the kids to work
with him on the Eloquent. And one of the best ways to ensure they can come more often is to deck them out in some uniforms and make them crew. So off to Claymore Clothes to outfit them. They were so excited at the prospect of putting on the uniform and going to work that they asked Greig when they could go out again next with him.

Last week there was a charter with Scott from Blue Eyed Charters to Bowen Island so they went along. Turns our Scott and Greig really needed them so they actually HAD to work.

"My feet hurt," whined Bui.

"Its my legs that are so tired," said Dosha, "and guess what? I made some new friends!"

The uniforms -- they were a total hit and they each made
$20 bucks in tips. Welcome to working for a living kids. There is more to come.

Top photo: Miss Dosha
Middle: Bui
Bottom pic: Bui, Greig and Dosha on the Bowen Island wharf

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