Thursday, August 10, 2006

unbelievable gifts

In less than 48 hours we received two amazing gifts.

The first was the return of Troy and Sidney.

The second gift was the pickup load and a half of hardwood and laminate flooring courtesy of Mr. Garlick and it is his insistence that we use as much as we can all over the ship. He works at a hardwood flooring warehouse and they were clearing out broken and mixed packages from their inventory. There is a lot. A WHOLE lot. Bamboo, oak, walnut maple, engineered, thin, thick, light dark.

It is going to be a bit of a puzzle to sort out what can go where and will we have enough for one room etc. So I guess we'll tackle the bedrooms first. They will all be different. It will all be much more easy to maintain too as the existing floors are in various states of deterioration.

Needless to say we're quite floored.

1 comment:

Tim Zim said...

Nothing like a bit of new laminate flooring to cheer things up.

Laminate, a jigsaw and a few (patient) hours can work wonders.