Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Business trip to Texas yields much progress

I came home from Texas to a Salon torn apart. New sub floor and flooring in a smattering of places, furniture akimbo. Greig and Marcus got busy when I was away.

"I have heard seven 'Wow's' so far" said Marcus.

“Wow,” again I uttered.

“There’s eight,” said Marcus.

Hugh and his Gypsy Traveller, moved out when I was away so we've a big lagoon where it used to be. I had taken the rest of the week off and helped Greig haul out old weed-infested docks, submerged logs and other junk that had lodged itself between the boats. Rolly, the landlord was bringing in a dozer boat to churn up the sediment to push out the muck that has settled beneath all of us. We are making ready for a fishing lodge to come in and sit on the inside of us. Don't know exactly when that is coming though and it won’t be there year round either.

So, in all the churning and shoving from Phil and his dozer boat, the shore power pulled away twice and shorted out. The second time is pulled apart it actually melted a bigger hole in the new main junction box Greig had put in this spring. Thank goodness Greig was home at the time. He also had Phil help reposition the anchor that got pulled around as well I believe. Oh, and the land line for the telephone is down so we have no phone, or internet for the time being. Telus is supposed to be coming today to repair the line. So, with all the chaos in the salon I have dismantled the computer. The plan is to re-hang all the lines there so maybe we won’t have cables and cords hanging down from the ceiling. (Wa-hoo!! The things that make this girl happy….)

I laid out some more sub floor for the Salon on Sunday so we can finish laying all that hardwood. The existing floor was weather deck and pretty shot so we just decided tackle it like a big silly puzzle and hopefully it won’t suck when it is done. Frankly, I am so tired of the old one I am so happy as it will be so much easier to clean!

I hope Greig takes down the stovepipe in Mark's room today as we have to match it up with stainless steel for the downstairs stove. He is going to need the fire on there soon, so I hope I can pick that up today before dropping Greig off for Captain's school.

Yup, that is what I said. Mr. Milne is paying for Greig to get his 60-ton ticket at BCIT's Pacific Marine Training Institute. I have long since thought that Greig should get his Captain’s papers but it wasn’t high up on his priorities. However, now that the boss is paying...Well, I am anticipating coming home to him face down, asleep and drooling over “the regs.”

And in other great news...Marcus got a job! Mr. Garlick has pulled him in to work on the crew for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. They are putting in some very long hours but it is nice to see Marcus working again. Gosh, maybe next he’ll be start dating again. I know, I know…baby steps.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How humid is it?

It's so humid...

"My elbows are sweating," exclaimed Tracey whilst we were trying to flag a cab, "this isn't going to be good."

it's like a sauna here

I have escaped from a cool and rainy Vancouver, BC for a very hot and humid Austin, Texas. Whoo-wee is it humid. I don't even remember Hawaii being this humid but perhaps my memory is short. And I didn't pack enough skirts.

My workmate and I are here for the University and College Designer's Conference. We met a fellow conference attendee on the plane and he happened to be staying at the Crowne Plaza too so we hitched a ride and I navigated for him. Jared is from Oregon State University and works for their Foundation/Alumni Association. It was a dead give away on the plane when he started telling a collegue on the phone, "They cut off my artwork, they must at the very least keep that text there at the bottom of the page! I don't know what is wrong with these people?!" Or words to that effect to which when he finished I said, "So...you're a graphic designer?" And Tracey and I chuckled along with him, shaking our heads in professional sympathy.

But we have to hit the mall. I forgot floss, my toothbrush, moisturizer and my camera of all things.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Right up in the bow is Marcus's room, or "suite" I guess is a better description. There are three "rooms" to it, the pointy part of the bow, a room just aft and a third one aft again. This third room (see red star) is where he kept his computer. Beside that there is a hatch in floor and there is the second chimney for the downstairs woodstove in Mark's room. Just off of this we have another space that we have designated for another bathroom.

Greig has been working on this spot for the time being. It is right below the new skylight/solarium/forward ladder. He designed it based upon the old framing from where the big gun used to sit. He put in some new port holes (blue ovals on the side). Also, there will be a ladder up that skylight going up onto the forward bow deck.

Marcus's room still leaks and we've been glassing the deck above to stop the leaks so that he can move his bed from the salon part to up into the bow like the pic here. Then he'll have that "salon" space for reading, physics research and more importanlty playing WOW (World of Warcraft). Where his computer used to sit, will be an access point for that bathroom. Currently, though I missed it on this rough illustration, there are watertight doors on either side. Greig intendes to eliminate the watertight on the starboard side and put in a window and more natural light for that bathroom. I am on a mission to find a small clawfoot type tub to go up against that starboard wall. So I will have to keep an eye peeled for one, hopefully not made cast iron, next time I am at Jack's New and Used out in Burnaby.

So, thus the scramble to fibreglass this deck so that we stop those old leaks. (It's supposed to rain tomorrow.) Marcus has picked out this lovely cherry flooring from the stuff that Matt has donated to the Bowie and there is enough for that space at the very least I think.

Oh ya...and maybe some more electricity too so he can perhaps see in there. We dismantled the old wiring up there so the space isn't entirely wired as much as it used to be. Furthermore, he'll be able to sleep this winter and not get rained on.

I know, I know. It is all pretty ambitious! We aim pretty high around here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anniversary much missed

Of course I missed it. The first anniversary of this blog came and went without me. Wednesday, August 10, 2005 was my first posting. Ah well, I only missed it by 26 days.

What has changed? Fewer leaks through the ceiling when it rains. Then again it has been pretty dry lately and forecast is to remain so for a bit yet.

A couple of "new" boats. Greig had been doing a favour for our landlord in taking back some barrels for recycling and came home with a really grunty aluminum skiff. (Our old aluminum skiff was stolen when our neighbour Donovan had borrowed it, dumped it up the river and then got himself "rescued" by a tug company. When Greig went by the next day for the skiff they wouldn't give it to them, even though he had the registration for it in hand. So he went to the police, who did nothing and went back only to discover it had been "misplaced". What kind of a loser rescues a guy and then immediately steals his boat? That is his old skiff with Greig at the tiller taken a couple of years ago.)

At anyrate this skiff is probably better and more stable than the old one pictured anyway, so such is this silver lining I guess.

The cats have gone too. Zaboo went missing and Arial just left. She's been spotted next door over over at Canada Scaffold. Richard, one our former tenents, works there now and kindly has been on the look-out for her for me and took over her food dish and cat food.

As Bengals they were just so close to being feral anyway. It wouldn't surprise me to see Ariel saunter back one day and sqwack, "Where in tarnation is my food dish you...you...human?!". I haven't been able to catch the little witch anyway. They were lazy, lay-abouts as pets go, and you can only expect "so" much ambition from a cat but...c'mon!! Thou in retrospect I guess they aren't so not unlike some of our former tenents. Feed me and I MIGHT be NICE to you and let you pet me.

We've put up a "twitchy-cam" as Daniel calls it to keep an eye on the comings and goings on the docks. Some stange stuff has been going on so this way we can keep a better eye on things when we aren't there or when everyone is sleeping.

Really, there has been lots of progress in spite of the stupid drama that goes on. We should have cameras all over the place so nothing ever gets missed. You can't invent this stuff and I know I couldn't if I tried. It just happens.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

More fibreglassing (and the hardwood keeps coming)

Not to much exciting pictures to post as Greig is trying to get as much fibreglassing done while the weather is still holding.

I started cutting a hole in the foredeck where the big gun used to sit. I had started cutting out the rotten deck there as I thought my foot would go through it. I had begun with the idea of just patching it back up again for fibreglassing but Greig decided to "finally put in a skylite." The framing for the spot is an interesting shape and I doubt I could buy a skylight "off the rack" to fit the shape he has created. So it will be off to a glazier to see about having a piece of glass to fit the spot instead - perhaps some safety glass would be the best choice. Nothing like making a hole first and then trying to look for something to fit it. That would be too easy and besides this is more challenging and interesting.

Matt keeps bringing home the hardwood flooring and so we are scrambling to get ahead of the fibreglassing so we can put the hardwood down and get that out of the way. At the rate it is coming we are running out of safe (ie not leaking) places to put it until we can actually put the stuff down. We aren't about to put down fresh flooring where we KNOW we have water still coming in.

So a hole in his roof is facilitating Marcus to re-configure his room and make it more of a sweet "suite", and put another bathroom up by his room.

As luck would have it I am not scheduled for any charters this weekend so I plan to screw down plywood decks to make way for more fibreglassing. Robert has put a new roof on the Sea Ferring yesterday so I hope to tackle that this weekend. It is scheduled to be hot here so if I can get enough done for G to get some more glassing done before the rain comes Monday I will be a happy camper.

Maybe that is niave to think I could get that organized but that's my plan.

Oooh...and check out this YMS for sale.