Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anniversary much missed

Of course I missed it. The first anniversary of this blog came and went without me. Wednesday, August 10, 2005 was my first posting. Ah well, I only missed it by 26 days.

What has changed? Fewer leaks through the ceiling when it rains. Then again it has been pretty dry lately and forecast is to remain so for a bit yet.

A couple of "new" boats. Greig had been doing a favour for our landlord in taking back some barrels for recycling and came home with a really grunty aluminum skiff. (Our old aluminum skiff was stolen when our neighbour Donovan had borrowed it, dumped it up the river and then got himself "rescued" by a tug company. When Greig went by the next day for the skiff they wouldn't give it to them, even though he had the registration for it in hand. So he went to the police, who did nothing and went back only to discover it had been "misplaced". What kind of a loser rescues a guy and then immediately steals his boat? That is his old skiff with Greig at the tiller taken a couple of years ago.)

At anyrate this skiff is probably better and more stable than the old one pictured anyway, so such is this silver lining I guess.

The cats have gone too. Zaboo went missing and Arial just left. She's been spotted next door over over at Canada Scaffold. Richard, one our former tenents, works there now and kindly has been on the look-out for her for me and took over her food dish and cat food.

As Bengals they were just so close to being feral anyway. It wouldn't surprise me to see Ariel saunter back one day and sqwack, "Where in tarnation is my food dish you...you...human?!". I haven't been able to catch the little witch anyway. They were lazy, lay-abouts as pets go, and you can only expect "so" much ambition from a cat but...c'mon!! Thou in retrospect I guess they aren't so not unlike some of our former tenents. Feed me and I MIGHT be NICE to you and let you pet me.

We've put up a "twitchy-cam" as Daniel calls it to keep an eye on the comings and goings on the docks. Some stange stuff has been going on so this way we can keep a better eye on things when we aren't there or when everyone is sleeping.

Really, there has been lots of progress in spite of the stupid drama that goes on. We should have cameras all over the place so nothing ever gets missed. You can't invent this stuff and I know I couldn't if I tried. It just happens.

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