Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Business trip to Texas yields much progress

I came home from Texas to a Salon torn apart. New sub floor and flooring in a smattering of places, furniture akimbo. Greig and Marcus got busy when I was away.

"I have heard seven 'Wow's' so far" said Marcus.

“Wow,” again I uttered.

“There’s eight,” said Marcus.

Hugh and his Gypsy Traveller, moved out when I was away so we've a big lagoon where it used to be. I had taken the rest of the week off and helped Greig haul out old weed-infested docks, submerged logs and other junk that had lodged itself between the boats. Rolly, the landlord was bringing in a dozer boat to churn up the sediment to push out the muck that has settled beneath all of us. We are making ready for a fishing lodge to come in and sit on the inside of us. Don't know exactly when that is coming though and it won’t be there year round either.

So, in all the churning and shoving from Phil and his dozer boat, the shore power pulled away twice and shorted out. The second time is pulled apart it actually melted a bigger hole in the new main junction box Greig had put in this spring. Thank goodness Greig was home at the time. He also had Phil help reposition the anchor that got pulled around as well I believe. Oh, and the land line for the telephone is down so we have no phone, or internet for the time being. Telus is supposed to be coming today to repair the line. So, with all the chaos in the salon I have dismantled the computer. The plan is to re-hang all the lines there so maybe we won’t have cables and cords hanging down from the ceiling. (Wa-hoo!! The things that make this girl happy….)

I laid out some more sub floor for the Salon on Sunday so we can finish laying all that hardwood. The existing floor was weather deck and pretty shot so we just decided tackle it like a big silly puzzle and hopefully it won’t suck when it is done. Frankly, I am so tired of the old one I am so happy as it will be so much easier to clean!

I hope Greig takes down the stovepipe in Mark's room today as we have to match it up with stainless steel for the downstairs stove. He is going to need the fire on there soon, so I hope I can pick that up today before dropping Greig off for Captain's school.

Yup, that is what I said. Mr. Milne is paying for Greig to get his 60-ton ticket at BCIT's Pacific Marine Training Institute. I have long since thought that Greig should get his Captain’s papers but it wasn’t high up on his priorities. However, now that the boss is paying...Well, I am anticipating coming home to him face down, asleep and drooling over “the regs.”

And in other great news...Marcus got a job! Mr. Garlick has pulled him in to work on the crew for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. They are putting in some very long hours but it is nice to see Marcus working again. Gosh, maybe next he’ll be start dating again. I know, I know…baby steps.

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