Saturday, September 02, 2006

More fibreglassing (and the hardwood keeps coming)

Not to much exciting pictures to post as Greig is trying to get as much fibreglassing done while the weather is still holding.

I started cutting a hole in the foredeck where the big gun used to sit. I had started cutting out the rotten deck there as I thought my foot would go through it. I had begun with the idea of just patching it back up again for fibreglassing but Greig decided to "finally put in a skylite." The framing for the spot is an interesting shape and I doubt I could buy a skylight "off the rack" to fit the shape he has created. So it will be off to a glazier to see about having a piece of glass to fit the spot instead - perhaps some safety glass would be the best choice. Nothing like making a hole first and then trying to look for something to fit it. That would be too easy and besides this is more challenging and interesting.

Matt keeps bringing home the hardwood flooring and so we are scrambling to get ahead of the fibreglassing so we can put the hardwood down and get that out of the way. At the rate it is coming we are running out of safe (ie not leaking) places to put it until we can actually put the stuff down. We aren't about to put down fresh flooring where we KNOW we have water still coming in.

So a hole in his roof is facilitating Marcus to re-configure his room and make it more of a sweet "suite", and put another bathroom up by his room.

As luck would have it I am not scheduled for any charters this weekend so I plan to screw down plywood decks to make way for more fibreglassing. Robert has put a new roof on the Sea Ferring yesterday so I hope to tackle that this weekend. It is scheduled to be hot here so if I can get enough done for G to get some more glassing done before the rain comes Monday I will be a happy camper.

Maybe that is niave to think I could get that organized but that's my plan.

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