Friday, September 08, 2006

Right up in the bow is Marcus's room, or "suite" I guess is a better description. There are three "rooms" to it, the pointy part of the bow, a room just aft and a third one aft again. This third room (see red star) is where he kept his computer. Beside that there is a hatch in floor and there is the second chimney for the downstairs woodstove in Mark's room. Just off of this we have another space that we have designated for another bathroom.

Greig has been working on this spot for the time being. It is right below the new skylight/solarium/forward ladder. He designed it based upon the old framing from where the big gun used to sit. He put in some new port holes (blue ovals on the side). Also, there will be a ladder up that skylight going up onto the forward bow deck.

Marcus's room still leaks and we've been glassing the deck above to stop the leaks so that he can move his bed from the salon part to up into the bow like the pic here. Then he'll have that "salon" space for reading, physics research and more importanlty playing WOW (World of Warcraft). Where his computer used to sit, will be an access point for that bathroom. Currently, though I missed it on this rough illustration, there are watertight doors on either side. Greig intendes to eliminate the watertight on the starboard side and put in a window and more natural light for that bathroom. I am on a mission to find a small clawfoot type tub to go up against that starboard wall. So I will have to keep an eye peeled for one, hopefully not made cast iron, next time I am at Jack's New and Used out in Burnaby.

So, thus the scramble to fibreglass this deck so that we stop those old leaks. (It's supposed to rain tomorrow.) Marcus has picked out this lovely cherry flooring from the stuff that Matt has donated to the Bowie and there is enough for that space at the very least I think.

Oh ya...and maybe some more electricity too so he can perhaps see in there. We dismantled the old wiring up there so the space isn't entirely wired as much as it used to be. Furthermore, he'll be able to sleep this winter and not get rained on.

I know, I know. It is all pretty ambitious! We aim pretty high around here.

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