Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh soothsayer....

My friend sent me this link from the google earth
blog of where NOT to buy real estate in the future in the ever bubbly real estate market of Vancouver.

So, when the ocean levels do rise, maybe living on a boat won't seem so stupid to the rest of the world (ROW).

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Marcus's skylite and the new biffy to be

Here is a lovely perspective from the roof down onto the bow and looking up the river.

In the foreground is the new "skylite" over Marcus's room. There is plexiglass all around it and the front bit opens and there is a "get-out" ladder. There is a nice amount of light now going into the starboard room (to the right) which we are in the process of turning into a new bathroom.

We picked up a strip of lights at the ReStore ($5) and a fibreglass shower pan ($25) from Jack's New and Used. The height of that space is only 6' so a purchasing a new Neo-angle type shower unit was going to be way to tall and we'd have to cut it down. So rather than spend that kind of cash ($400-900) on something that we'd have to wreck to make it fit, we are ,
as usual, improvising.

For the walls I am going to put up some arborite and having a smooth surface like this will make it easy to clean. I have to get the tap/shower assembly for all of this yet. I have a vanity and a set of taps but no sink. Greig is figuring out how to set up the drains for the shower and the vanity and how to tie all this in. I have talked Greig into putting down tile on the floor so I saunter out to Jack's again and pick up a whack there. It is a small space and tiling is pretty easy.

I am also happy that we have fixed most of the leaks up on the foredeck. There is one blasted leak just up by the winch that we can't seem to repair. This drips on Marcus's bed of all things and it seems to be under it somewhere. ARRGH! It is no longer leaking in the bedroom just forward of this skylite though. Sigh.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Since Jimmy and Hugh have left we now have this big lagoon on our starboard side. There is supposed to be a fishing lodge coming in to take their place but as yet it hasn't showed. We went aground on Saturday night and discovered some interesting things about our fair ship.

The first and second pictures here are of the bow and you can see there is damage down in the lower left. It is clearly quite old. Our current "natural" water level is the grey strip there.

When we first got the boat, Brian said there was seepage in the bow. We have a bilge pump up there (Mark's room) and it comes on pretty fairly regularly - I think about once a week or so. Here is why. It looks like the bugs had started to get at it at one time too.

Regardless, at 2am when we were inspecting all this, Greig and Bui decided to hose off the keel to document the condition of what is normally below the waterline. As you can see it is in pretty great shape. I can see that seepage by Bui's hand when I am inside and on the other side and it is so nominal considering the rest of the vessel and what it COULD be.

(Apologies at the poor lighting. Thecamera can only do so much under dark conditions we could only use of a trouble light and the camera's flash for lighting.) I hope this has given enough perspective. Though it is hard to see there is a ladder hanging off the ship by Bui's head. By the time I finished shooting these pics the tide had must have dropped another foot. The dock they are standing on was hanging off the ship! I had a difficult time climbing back onto that ladder to get back up and fortunately Bui rolled over a chunk of log left on the dock for me to get additional foot hold on.

I put my foot to just graze the top of the water and guess-timated that the nose was about five feet out of the water from normal. I am 5'7" and it was well above my shoulder height.

Last night we went a ground again but listed more than the night these pics were taken. Actually all the boats and the float house were stitting a bit high. We woke up at 3am to and could feel a good 20 degree list and ship creaking and popping. Doors were having trouble opening and when we did get them open some wouldn't close again. The boat went through a fairly good twisting and so we thought it would be best to stay awake...just in case. Greig drained the hot tub to remove any extra weight and a couple of hours and all was right again when the tide came back in.

We moved in a big boom stick today to keep us out from shore a bit more and Greig has put out a stern anchor and adjusted the bow anchor as well. I think that big boom stick stick will keep well us out now.

The beavers are just loving the lagoon. I am listening to them thrashing and hissing about out there as I type.

Ah...the life of us river rats.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Price of a "new" fridge...$50. Price of girlfriend not whining about the old piece of crap fridge: PRICELESS!!

I was fit to be tied with the old one. It leaked down the back of and sometimes into the crisper. Then it would overflow onto the floor. One by one shelves began breaking. A couple of weeks ago the side supports finally went and so there was only one real shelf which was the shelf that suspended the crispers and it was beginning to go. You couldn't open the crispers as the jugs of milk were just too heavy on that brittle shelf. I finally lost it when I knocked over a jug of ice tea trying to make room for a bowl of pasta salad.

I picked it up via the craigslist from a lovely girl named Amanda in Richmond Sunday morning. Gosh I love the craigslist.

Isn't it pretty? It has shelves and everything and nothing is broken. It makes ice too. Nothing leaks and it is PERFECT. I don't care that it isn't new. It is bigger and it is white and it is CLEAN!

And he says I am high maintenence. I'd say keeping me happy is quite easy really.