Monday, October 02, 2006


Price of a "new" fridge...$50. Price of girlfriend not whining about the old piece of crap fridge: PRICELESS!!

I was fit to be tied with the old one. It leaked down the back of and sometimes into the crisper. Then it would overflow onto the floor. One by one shelves began breaking. A couple of weeks ago the side supports finally went and so there was only one real shelf which was the shelf that suspended the crispers and it was beginning to go. You couldn't open the crispers as the jugs of milk were just too heavy on that brittle shelf. I finally lost it when I knocked over a jug of ice tea trying to make room for a bowl of pasta salad.

I picked it up via the craigslist from a lovely girl named Amanda in Richmond Sunday morning. Gosh I love the craigslist.

Isn't it pretty? It has shelves and everything and nothing is broken. It makes ice too. Nothing leaks and it is PERFECT. I don't care that it isn't new. It is bigger and it is white and it is CLEAN!

And he says I am high maintenence. I'd say keeping me happy is quite easy really.

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