Sunday, October 22, 2006

Marcus's skylite and the new biffy to be

Here is a lovely perspective from the roof down onto the bow and looking up the river.

In the foreground is the new "skylite" over Marcus's room. There is plexiglass all around it and the front bit opens and there is a "get-out" ladder. There is a nice amount of light now going into the starboard room (to the right) which we are in the process of turning into a new bathroom.

We picked up a strip of lights at the ReStore ($5) and a fibreglass shower pan ($25) from Jack's New and Used. The height of that space is only 6' so a purchasing a new Neo-angle type shower unit was going to be way to tall and we'd have to cut it down. So rather than spend that kind of cash ($400-900) on something that we'd have to wreck to make it fit, we are ,
as usual, improvising.

For the walls I am going to put up some arborite and having a smooth surface like this will make it easy to clean. I have to get the tap/shower assembly for all of this yet. I have a vanity and a set of taps but no sink. Greig is figuring out how to set up the drains for the shower and the vanity and how to tie all this in. I have talked Greig into putting down tile on the floor so I saunter out to Jack's again and pick up a whack there. It is a small space and tiling is pretty easy.

I am also happy that we have fixed most of the leaks up on the foredeck. There is one blasted leak just up by the winch that we can't seem to repair. This drips on Marcus's bed of all things and it seems to be under it somewhere. ARRGH! It is no longer leaking in the bedroom just forward of this skylite though. Sigh.

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