Sunday, November 26, 2006

fumble fingers

It was in the plan to lay down some chicken wire on the docks to ease up on the slipperiness with this impending snow storm yesterday. I hit the building supply and dropped $30 on a 100 foot roll and had a niggling feeling stapling it to the dock may be problematic.

The package is bound up with a tiny wire and often as not, you have to cut it in several places to actually get to the roll. Well it was my luck to actually snip the right wire and as I did the whole thing rolled away and into the watery depths below.

"There goes thirty bucks..." I grumbled as I watched the bubbles percolating up to the surface of the muddy water. It was high tide too, so Greig will have to try to retrieve it at low tide with a grappling hook and if not I will have to break down and buy another roll. On the boat when you accidently drop something, you just may not get it back.

Sometimes you can pull things up again at the low tide. Greig got the outboard back, my stepladder, an old metal chair. Others things will find their watery grave. I lost a battery pack out of the cordless drill, tons of screws. Bui lost a splitting maul.

Really, you just have to laugh at the irony of it all.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My friend Reno

This is Reno. Not a "real" dog by many people's standard 'cos he is a Chihuahua and by association, small and yappy.

Not Reno. He was one cool dog. Rarely, did he have the need to bark unless necessary. I first met Reno via my friend Sparrow a couple of years ago. Sparrow had responded to an ad for a roommate that we had posted on the craigslist. Sparrow was moving back to Canada from some time in the US. Sparrow didn't move in, and she also became a good friend.

Recently, Sparrow moved, lock, stock and Reno, to Budapest, Hungary. The only one in her family not born in Hungary, she was looking for a change in her life and to perhaps get back to the familial roots. She has been in Hungary about six weeks now and enjoying Budapest and settling in amazingly well. I have been really impressed. Good thing she speaks the language.

She couldn't take her cat Tobias with her so she entrusted to let me adopt him. Toby has settled in quite well and is loved by everyone around here too.

Reno passed away suddenly two days ago.

I am heartbroken.

He was a great friend and loyal companion. She took him everywhere. He was so quiet and easily hid and slept in her bag if we were out at a restaurant or out at a movie. He was a great icebreaker as she always seemed to meet tons of people when she was out and about with him. He was always happy to see me and have me rub his chest.

That she was moving to a strange country and had this dude by her side made me feel she'd be alright in that new land.

Reno, I love you. Rest in peace. You were a heck of a dog.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It was quite a weekend. Marcus got the last of the hardwood down and we put away all the leftover hardwood into storage. I put up a closet by the salon door entrance, cleaned up the tools and we vacuumed. We scattered some carpets about to start to define some seating areas. The stack coming up through the middle of the room breaks up the whole space and there is a need to have multiple seating areas. Greig put the TV downstairs so that whoever wants to watch a movie is free to do so but it doesn't dominate the Salon. He hooked up the stereo again and all was beautiful.

Tidy. Clean. Free of clutter. Well, free enough for me to be at peace for once. Coats hanging on coat hangers and not the backs of chairs. I can walk around barefoot without fear of stepping on something and injuring myself.

Best of all: nobody's crap stored in the corner of my living room, ad infinitum, waiting for them to come and retrieve it. I came home yesterday to a cosy living room and had the salon and the boat pretty much to myself. I felt no need to do "chores". I lit some candles, sat down and read a book, with a glass of wine in peaceful bliss. For over an hour!!

I don't know when in all these three years that has ever happened. It was beautiful and it will happen again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some new links

MV Katherine Jane. Here is a link to another family living on a boat. She is much prettier than our boy ...sigh. All in good time right? They are new to liveaboard life and I wish them all the best in their grand adventure.

And reading through Jamie and Greg's blog (yup, another Greg) reminded me of stumbling across this link to the Staten Island Boat Graveyard. I found it one day on a design web site last year and had Greig take a look at it. Needless to say he was in awe of them. "Oooohhhh...coool....oooh...loookit that!!!!" There is fabulous photography to be found here. Wish my pictures were a tenth as good.

Anyhow I had been meaning to put a link on the blog to it too.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The pineapple express

We were hit with a wee cold snap last week that the weather folks call the Pineapple Express. The rain has been relentless for days. Lord is it depressing.

Presently the most leaky spot is in my sewing room -
the room I never get to actually sew in. It is slated to be another bathroom at some point. I dump out the buckets of rainwater in there sometimes three times a day. There are steady drips and not so steady ones and it is the latter which are driving me nuts. I can't see where I can stick a bucket under them but the whole floor is very wet. There must be a whole bunch of very slow ones. It is a conspiracy I think.

I also fell and cracked the back of my head coming out of the hot tub on the frosty deck the other night. I think I suffered a bit of a concussion as I have been really headachy, irritable and have had some short term memory loss. I think the memory thing is a bit on the improve now. I badly bruised my right elbow and I have three bruises on my lower back.

The roof where this is leaking was glassed last year and Greig was still perfecting the technique. His pours were too hot so there has been some severe cracking and is now using a different fibreglass matting. It was a costly lesson unfortunatly as we easily spent $3-4000 K on that roof.

Luckily his technique has gotten much better. You could say it was becoming a thing of beauty even!

Still, the idea of becoming an Australian citizen is growing on me as it usually does this time of year.