Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It was quite a weekend. Marcus got the last of the hardwood down and we put away all the leftover hardwood into storage. I put up a closet by the salon door entrance, cleaned up the tools and we vacuumed. We scattered some carpets about to start to define some seating areas. The stack coming up through the middle of the room breaks up the whole space and there is a need to have multiple seating areas. Greig put the TV downstairs so that whoever wants to watch a movie is free to do so but it doesn't dominate the Salon. He hooked up the stereo again and all was beautiful.

Tidy. Clean. Free of clutter. Well, free enough for me to be at peace for once. Coats hanging on coat hangers and not the backs of chairs. I can walk around barefoot without fear of stepping on something and injuring myself.

Best of all: nobody's crap stored in the corner of my living room, ad infinitum, waiting for them to come and retrieve it. I came home yesterday to a cosy living room and had the salon and the boat pretty much to myself. I felt no need to do "chores". I lit some candles, sat down and read a book, with a glass of wine in peaceful bliss. For over an hour!!

I don't know when in all these three years that has ever happened. It was beautiful and it will happen again.


Greg and Jamie said...

Sounds magnificent! Glad you were able to enjoy some peace ~ hats off to you guys for everything you've endured. That boat will be gorgeous when finished!

Tim said...

Sounds wonderful.