Sunday, November 26, 2006

fumble fingers

It was in the plan to lay down some chicken wire on the docks to ease up on the slipperiness with this impending snow storm yesterday. I hit the building supply and dropped $30 on a 100 foot roll and had a niggling feeling stapling it to the dock may be problematic.

The package is bound up with a tiny wire and often as not, you have to cut it in several places to actually get to the roll. Well it was my luck to actually snip the right wire and as I did the whole thing rolled away and into the watery depths below.

"There goes thirty bucks..." I grumbled as I watched the bubbles percolating up to the surface of the muddy water. It was high tide too, so Greig will have to try to retrieve it at low tide with a grappling hook and if not I will have to break down and buy another roll. On the boat when you accidently drop something, you just may not get it back.

Sometimes you can pull things up again at the low tide. Greig got the outboard back, my stepladder, an old metal chair. Others things will find their watery grave. I lost a battery pack out of the cordless drill, tons of screws. Bui lost a splitting maul.

Really, you just have to laugh at the irony of it all.

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