Saturday, November 25, 2006

My friend Reno

This is Reno. Not a "real" dog by many people's standard 'cos he is a Chihuahua and by association, small and yappy.

Not Reno. He was one cool dog. Rarely, did he have the need to bark unless necessary. I first met Reno via my friend Sparrow a couple of years ago. Sparrow had responded to an ad for a roommate that we had posted on the craigslist. Sparrow was moving back to Canada from some time in the US. Sparrow didn't move in, and she also became a good friend.

Recently, Sparrow moved, lock, stock and Reno, to Budapest, Hungary. The only one in her family not born in Hungary, she was looking for a change in her life and to perhaps get back to the familial roots. She has been in Hungary about six weeks now and enjoying Budapest and settling in amazingly well. I have been really impressed. Good thing she speaks the language.

She couldn't take her cat Tobias with her so she entrusted to let me adopt him. Toby has settled in quite well and is loved by everyone around here too.

Reno passed away suddenly two days ago.

I am heartbroken.

He was a great friend and loyal companion. She took him everywhere. He was so quiet and easily hid and slept in her bag if we were out at a restaurant or out at a movie. He was a great icebreaker as she always seemed to meet tons of people when she was out and about with him. He was always happy to see me and have me rub his chest.

That she was moving to a strange country and had this dude by her side made me feel she'd be alright in that new land.

Reno, I love you. Rest in peace. You were a heck of a dog.

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