Monday, November 06, 2006

The pineapple express

We were hit with a wee cold snap last week that the weather folks call the Pineapple Express. The rain has been relentless for days. Lord is it depressing.

Presently the most leaky spot is in my sewing room -
the room I never get to actually sew in. It is slated to be another bathroom at some point. I dump out the buckets of rainwater in there sometimes three times a day. There are steady drips and not so steady ones and it is the latter which are driving me nuts. I can't see where I can stick a bucket under them but the whole floor is very wet. There must be a whole bunch of very slow ones. It is a conspiracy I think.

I also fell and cracked the back of my head coming out of the hot tub on the frosty deck the other night. I think I suffered a bit of a concussion as I have been really headachy, irritable and have had some short term memory loss. I think the memory thing is a bit on the improve now. I badly bruised my right elbow and I have three bruises on my lower back.

The roof where this is leaking was glassed last year and Greig was still perfecting the technique. His pours were too hot so there has been some severe cracking and is now using a different fibreglass matting. It was a costly lesson unfortunatly as we easily spent $3-4000 K on that roof.

Luckily his technique has gotten much better. You could say it was becoming a thing of beauty even!

Still, the idea of becoming an Australian citizen is growing on me as it usually does this time of year.

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