Friday, December 29, 2006

The "docks"

It is not unheard of for us to have visitors come to the top of the ramp, look down at the flotilla of boats here and be overcome with fear at the idea of navigating them. Some won't even come down.

OK, I admit that I think they are pansies, but I can relate as I used to be one of them who now takes it all in stride. I've SO been there.

My pal Brooke ripped her fingernail last night navigating the ramp in her three-inch-tangerine-patent-leather-superhero- Go-Go boots. She walked on the non-ribbed side of the ramp. How was she to know the subtle difference being the two sides? This landlubber-come-floathome wannabee is gonna have to learn the intracacies of tidal fluctuations and the perils of doing so in high heels when she comes to slum with her pal down here at the yacht club.

What? A pretty blonde in heels all covered in mud? Is she OK? Does she need help?
Settle, boys, settle. The blonde and the boots are just fine now. Stand down...

The top picture is the dock running along the starboard side of the Bowie running to my new floathouse. (Yes, my "new" float house. What a girl's gotta do to get an ensuite bathroom.) More on that on a future post.

Notice the pile of firewood on the back deck? Yes, I did split most of myself. We are doing so, right there on the dock beside, and it is here where we haul out the logs and buck them up. All that sawdust piled on the docks tracks everywhere. (docks + chicken wire = watery grave see link).

The sawdust does help against the slipperiness tho.

This next series of pictures is of Greig putting new boomsticks into place. It is really up to us to make our own docks. And we can't just pull the pick and go anywhere so we make do so with whatever we can salvage. There is a huge amount of crap that comes down this river. Log booms and docks come apart all the time and eventually, float by. Greig knows the log salvage guys and we will either tie logs off for them to come and get at their convenience or they let us utilize some stuff for ourselves.

We've had one of these in place since the grounding in October. The inside one came in last week and on Boxing Day the outer one offered itself for the cause.

So here, we have the early makings of a new dock. These logs are pretty big and grunty and Greig will put cross pieces into place and build this up. Hopefully, far more substantial one than the top picture. We have the remenants of another semi-destroyed dock and he'll recycle bits of that onto this one. It is sure to be a far better platform for processing the firewood.

It isn't all about actually fixing boats. Just getting to and from the boats can change in a moment, as the right tug, pulling the right kind of barge, at the right kind of tide will pull it all asunder.

You just never know. He's determined to make me a river rat yet!


Greg and Jamie said...

(Bowing deeply) Henceforth, I worship The Cult of The River Rat Goddess. You are one impressive chick. I shall go forth and complain no more about slippery docks! (and I shall also leave my Go-Go boots elsewhere).

bowiechick said...

It seems since slaying not one but two rats in my tenure here that these beasties are, sadly, becoming some kind of personal totem. Not really something I had intended to strive for as one of my personal goals. I would have prefered elephants or blue herons as my beasts) of choice.

However, beggars can't be choosers.

So, goddess worship not withstanding, I will take all positive affirmations wherever I can get them.

Thanks Jamie. You're a hoot!