Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the bubble maker

Ok Jamie...here is the hot tub in all its full on glory, just to give you some perspective. Be mindful that we have an extra 78 feet on you and just under 26' across.

Greig has been thinking about putting it up on the bow but I think it is better there for the time being. See...lots of room. There is a better view from the bow but the deck up there needs some more work. Plus as well people would be going by our bedroom all the time to get to it.

We'd like to put a canopy or something over it but the winds can get ripping pretty hard down here sometimes - especially lately.

Greig is has also filled our unused fuel tanks with water for extra ballast. He is quick to drain it if we get a low tide and come out of the water which has been the case lately with these stupidly low tides.

There you have it. One crazy floating treefort, come the new Ark.


Greg and Jamie said...

OMG, that is a truly blissful existence you have going on there, woman. I am envious! At best we might manage one of the inflatable types; you have a Taj Mahal of a boat tub.

Maybe we need a subchaser...I do think it's very cool...hmmm...

Or maybe you should move to Steamboat Slough...

How did the Saga of the Sand Castle turn out, by the way?

bowiechick said...


Well it has its moments. When they do come it is really, really appreciated. We took on a derelict of a ship almost four years ago and it was a collosal mess. Most people would have gutted all the wiring and fixtures and sunk it for a reef. We have managed to get as far as we have with very little money and using salvaged materials wherever we can.

Just keeping everyone warm in the winter is a full time job, let alone getting anything done for improvements. It is completely audacious and 99.9 percent of people think we're crazy--including me!

Yup. Just you throw your eyes out of focus just a bit, look beyond the fact we're living in the boondocks, that just crossing the "docks" is an adventure. It's the Taj Mahal. Eventually.

Ah well, if some natural disaster ever hit Vancouver, I am probably much more prepared in dealing with chaos than the bulk of the populaion.

Regardless I will always look back on what we have done and know my life has at the very least, been interesting.

May you too live in interesting times.