Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Firewood God

Carpenter Greg, the other Greg who lives here, has decided that he is now our resident firewood God. Not to be confused with my Greig (spelt with an "i").

He has been working like mad on our stash of firewood and cleaning up the lagoon. He has installed a neat trick from his early days of working for a tree trimming firm up on the Sunshine Coast.

By placing a several pieces of wood inside the tire he can split a bunch without having to pick up the log everytime he swings the axe. No needless chasing after the chunk of wood--usually you have to fish them out of the river.

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

BTW, he is single and looking...females only need apply. Single dad (16 year old son), non-smoker, carpenter. Yup he can build stuff. Apply within.


Greg and Jamie said...

Dang, if I didn't already have a Greg (and you of all people know that one is all a girl can handle!), I'd sign up for the Boat Bachelorette competition! Any guy who can build stuff...that's my kind of man!

And, Tana darling, your docks are a little intimidating...I would brave them, of course, but I can see how some faint-hearted folks might quake in their tennie-runners. Maybe a couple more pics of the docks? I'm very curious now!

Brooke Bowie said...

Carpenters are hot, with their hammers and tanned butt cracks and knowing what 3 sixteeths of an inch converts to in decimals is. Well, except for that one dude, Jesus. The whole crawling-out-from-behind-a-rock-thing was just creepy.