Monday, December 04, 2006

Mum always said the worst things always happen past midnight.

Greig and I had worked a charter Friday evening and our usual post-cruise, wind-down technique is to go for a soak in the hot tub. It is usually calm, peaceful and quiet. It is rare time that we spend relaxing and connecting 'cos we're working flat out so much. It was about 12:30am.

Greig looked over toward shore at our neighbour Dave's boat, the Sand Castle. Dave is one of the resident bachelor/hermits. He has this wierd looking ferrous cement sailboat, sans mast with strange super structure. Greig thought it was sitting a bit funny and realized something was amiss and that Dave was sinking. So out of the hot tub he bolts to get dressed to go help Dave.

(Knock, knock, knock)

G: "Dave, your sinking!"

Dave sitting is sitting inside his boat watching TV.

Dave: " Yah, I know. I'm thinking I'd better get out of here and abandon ship."

G:"What and just let your boat sink?"

D: "Yup."

G: "No, Dave, I am going to get pumps. You are not going to let this just sink and make this into a bigger problem."

And with that Dave packed up a couple of bins of his stuff and Greig rounded up four pumps off the Bowie. He set about to keeping the Sand Castle from sinking and making a bigger headache for our landlord. He stayed up until 11am Saturday morning to ensure the pumps would stay ahead and keep it from sinking further.

With more finangling and moving, as of this morning it is now on the outside of the Bowie. Greig and one of our tenents Steve, managed to roll it over enough to patch the hole where a log had staved it in. It seems to be holding.

The fate of the Sand Castle is unknown.


rob said...

In this boating life, one needs friends like Greig!

Greg and Jamie said...

Never a dull moment, eh? I must admit, I am coveting a hot tub (I had one and I miss it soooo much!) & your stories of relaxing in it just increase the longing! Do you have it on the boat or on the dock? I have to sell the idea to My Kapitan ~ the more I can say "But Tana has one!!!" the more likely I shall be successful.

bowiechick said...

Oh love, I have stories yet to be told here!

The hot tub sits on the upper deck beside the helipad. We have the advantage of having room enough for one here on this behemoth of a ship.

That said, when we grounded two months ago one of the first things Greig did to ensure the Bowie didn;t tip one way or the other was to quickly drain the water out of the tub. Given the state of our docks - this is the boon docks, they'd never support the weight of all that water let along be wide enough to accomodate.

Geez your engine room is so spotless, even I'd eat off the floor.