Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If only I had left the wallpaper alone

Yes, I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

OK, well, all wasn't well.

When Melissa and Laura were leaving the float
house I decided to pull up the stinky carpets. They smelled of dog and my steam cleaning them could not rid me of that lovely odor so outwent the carpet. Then I saw a patch of patch of black mold behind some wallpaper that had pulled away. So I pulled at it.
Then I was able to poke my finger through a rotten wall.

"Oh neat," I said to myself.

Greig had a fit to say the least. "Why couldn't you leave well enough alone! The shower was working! It could have waited!" Nonetheless, there he is swingin' that axe! God bless him!

That it only took a small amount of pressure to push the tile on the wall and through to the otherside was irrelavent. Tiles had been mounted to OSB. Not and ideal substrate for a tile shower where the grout had all come away. You can see from all that mold on the first pic. I think it was 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick in spots. Not healthy to be around.

But that wasn't all. The floors had been done in OSB too and well, up they went too.

The float house has a steel catamaran hull. We pulled up the flooring to the steel deck below and pulled out wet yellow fibreglass insulation. The worst spot though was right where the shower was and you can see all the rust by Carpenter Greg's toe.

So we have sprayfoamed the deck and the pontoons and filled them in with foam.

Everyone say "YEA!" to positive floation.

The pontoons were open for most of the 50' length of the boat. The three foot crawlspace was unusuable anyway. The foaming will stop any oxidization as where you have air you get rusting and now we won't. And it is oh-so-much warmer too.

The deck stops and the pontoon begins right where that cross piece goes through the centre of the pic here. And here we have the handsome, handy and single Carpenter Greg walking across the new PLYWOOD floors. He has been a HUGE help and that he insists on doing things right. The man knows his stuff.


Greg and Jamie said...

Yes, but how did the float house come to be? There we were, floating along with the story of the Bowie and your watch-yacht, when all of a sudden there's a NEW toy! What happened? Your world is looking mighty civilized there, girl!

Brooke Bowie said...

Tana! When can I see your new shower? Did your caulking dry?