Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thar she blows...

See the missing glass panel over the hot tub just above the aluminum ladder?

It blew off the "sun room" in one of the last windstorms we recently had. Greig was standing on the Bowie looking out the window and just happened to see it blow off, over ther roof of the Partnership and onto the logs in front where it shattered. Thank goodness there was nobody underneath it.

I suspect that this structure has been problematic for the boat for some time. Until the other day when I took the axe to it. It came down pretty easy and pretty much did most demo myself. I dropped the wood down onto the dock below and Scott too the chainsaw to it the following day.

It was done. I have just been waiting for a sunny, windless day to get a couple of hands on to tarp it up until I replace the roof. I hope to put the hot tub down below and extend the roof back to maybe create another bedroom. As it stands it sits a bit bow heavy so I'd like to level it out a bit.

There is always something.

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