Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Too much to do, so little time

Hot tub discussions on all the chores that need doing around here lately. Not a "top ten" list...it is just a list.

1. Cut out and remove the old wire in the upper bow suite (Marcus's old room) to make way for more spray foam insulation.

2. Make way in Mark's old room (below Marcus's room) for spray foam there too.
3. Working on the "boom stick dock" and laying out deck stringers there.

4. Firewood.

5. Install new toilet on
Partnership and sort out switches and outlets in bathroom.
6. Move my computer off old bedroom on the Bowie to the Partnership.

7. Sort closet on Partnership and make room for our clothes.

8. Finish putting up panelling in upper hallway of the Bowie.

9. Firewood.

10. Finish the hoarding on the Partnership. (Hoarding is a term used by our building envelope boys=leaky condos [Steve, Bro's Mclean, Carpenter Greg et al], that applies to the term of tarping a structure prior to renovation. Usually related to leaky condos.)

11. Take pictures and update the news of Steve and the
Sand Castle, and his new work in progress (WIP). I think these will be the official "before" pictures now that he has take 60+ bags of garbage out of it other detritus therein.
12. Move stuff out of the new on-shore shop into Rolly's container for storage to make room for a new shop area.

13. Move all the extraneous stuff littered about the Bowie off of the ship and up on shore to the new shop area.

14. Clean up planters on the bow and by the hot tub. Get another garbage bin for all the soil for next year's containers should we endeavour to have any.

15. Move the dirt up to the shop if we don't.

16. Firewood.

17. Go empty out my apartment and move it onto the
18. Make curtains for the
Partnership. Make new curtain for Carpenter Greg's room to add to his collection.
19. Make curtains for other rooms on the
20. Make new docks.
21. Delegate the kids to sort the videos/dvds to put back on the shelves on the stack.

22. Tidy the plywood decking and re-screw it down to lay more anti-skid/slip materia (aka chicken wire).

23. Firewood

24. Push a broom around

25. Vacuum

26. Fix the back stairs. Again for the umpteeth time. Throw some chicken wire on them.

27. Rescue the
Pine Leaf up the river where it sunk a couple of months back
28. Finish the moulding on the Partnership's bathroom
29. PUt the new vanity together. Sink, tile and faucets req'd.
30. Convince Greig to remove old dryer and keep old washer and use remaining space where dryer used to be for shelving/storage.
31. Move the port engine and the old woodstove off the stern deck of the Partnership and up into the new shop space or just off the back deck...while he is at it, he'll pull the starboard engine too...
32. Install the new glow plugs for the Benz.
33. Fix the door latches on the truck.
34. get new cordless drill
35. install new chimney pipe on the wood stoves on all boats.
36. Fix the docks again.
37. Firewood!!
37b. Screen new roommates
38. Find some R & R


Greg and Jamie said...

Hrmmm...mayhaps, when Greg and I stop by to say hello in a few weeks, instead of standing around chatting, we should get to work straightaway. I'm sure we could knock off at least an item or two!

bowiechick said...

Be very careful what you volunteer for.

Actually, anything that force me to sit my backside down for a change is a good thing.